January Music HBoN

We are flying high off of an amazing Winter Concert and Informance last month!  I want to publicly thank all of the unsung heroes of the night; Doug Miller, Jessica P’simer, Sue Hofbauer and Aftercare staff, as well as Karen Hockley and my army of parent volunteers who helped with transitions. Most of all I want to thank the students who work very hard to give a performance they should be proud of!

K-1 and 2-3 classes will be continuing on the path though the GamePlan curriculum, learning through music and movement about steady beat, forms of music, solfege (hand symbols), body percussion, and percussion instruments.

4-5 classes are preparing for the Link Up! Concert field trip to Hill Auditorium on March 14th to participate in a concert with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. Cost for the trip is $6 per student. This does not include lunch.

Students will need to bring in a recorder if they have one, or one can be purchased through me for $5. WARNING There are many toy-type recorders out there not actually intended to make music or sound in tune. If you have a question about the quality of your recorder, bring it in.  The recorders offered through the A2SO are high quality student level recorders.  The quality will make a big difference in students ability to get a good sound.  

As part of this program, the A2SO is sending a Mentor Musician to work with the students on January 29 and February 12.

A form will be coming home this week with more details about the concert, fees, and purchasing a recorder.  Please fill it out and make the payment to your base class teacher by January 27th.  This trip will also be in conjunction with the annual Fine Arts Committee sponsored trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, which will take place after lunch on March 14th.

Firebird Band

What an amazing debut at the Winter Concert!  I want to tell everyone what a great job they did,  how proud they should be of themselves, and how proud I am of them!  We are chugging along just past the one third point in book one of Standard of Excellence.  Students should be practicing mostly on Thursday – Sunday, still shooting for around the 60 minute or MORE a week.  Video playing tests are assigned Monday and are due by Saturday that week. Assignments are on Google Classroom and student should submit them there.

Middle School Music Lab

Another outstanding performance for the Music Lab Class.  Special thanks to our Lava soloists who had to step up and take an additional solo at the concert.  We are spending the remaining time in class exploring different genres of music and performing for each other.

Phoenix Fire Band

This group of students played with a maturity beyond their years at the concert!  I am so proud of them and the hard work they put in to make music happen at that level. It was amazing!

In preparation for the next concert, we are passing out new music this week.  We have our new timpani being delivered at the end of the month as well.

Students should be practicing difficult parts of the pieces I assign, scales, and submitting playing tests to Google Classroom on a weekly basis. 45-60 minutes a week should be considered minimal practice time for improvement.

Jazz Band

We will be having weekly Jazz Band after school on Monday’s from 3:15 – 4:15 on the stage. If there is more interest we will try to go longer as space allows.  Please see Sue Hofbauer for sign up information if your student is interested.  All instruments are welcome, not just traditional jazz instruments.  With the exception of guitar, piano and bass guitar you must be enrolled in the Phoenix Fire Band to participate in the Jazz Band.




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