March HBoN

I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing spring break! We’ve been doing many fun things in the music classroom this month. K/1 has been exploring the difference between the singing, speaking, whispering, and calling voice. Last week we met the little harp mouse, and his favorite voice is the whisper voice because it won’t scare him. In the coming weeks we’ll meet his other friends! In 2/3, the focus has been on steady beat and the difference between the microbeat and macrobeat. We’ve also started labeling different beats so we can start the basis for counting rhythm soon. In 4/5, it’s full swing ukulele! The kids have been learning to fingerpick as well as use chords to play mystery songs. The middle school elective has been doing ukulele as well, and they’re progressing really quickly! We’ve learned 5 chords and a handful of songs to fingerpick. They really enjoy using Yousician, an online ‘guitar hero’ like program for learning ukulele! Both bands have been working hard on developing their concert music. They also have a Spring Break Tic Tac Toe activity for practicing over break, make sure that if you have a band student, they’re practicing regularly and have you sign the form so they can earn prizes!

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