November – HBoN


In K/1 we’ve been exploring the colors we’re wearing with the color song inserted below. The song is to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” so you can learn it and practice it with your kids. See if you can come up with some additional voices with some missing colors!



The middle elementary students have been experimenting with shaker instruments and keeping a steady beat during the chant “Sick Cookie”. We’ve talked about how shaker instruments use seeds, nuts, grains, beads, and many other things to make sound. See if your student remembers the chant and can demonstrate their steady beat for you. If you’d like to participate, they can show you how to split up the chant into 2-4 groups and the whole family can practice!


We’ve taken on the challenge of learning the Star Spangled Banner in 4/5! We’re very excited to present it to you at the winter concert. They’re doing a great job of learning the history of the banner, where it’s sung/played, decoding the lyrics, and connecting to the meaning. Have a talk with your student about the meaning of the banner and places you’ve heard it before!

5th Grade Band 

The beginners have learned their first 3 notes, and how to read whole notes/whole rests. Just recently we’ve learned how to read half notes and rests, which are each 2 beats. They sound more like a band every day, with each and every student steadily improving! Encourage your students to tap their toe to the music they listen to in the car or at home. This helps establish steady beat and teaches their brain to multitask while listening!

Middle School Band

We’re making huge improvements on both of our concert pieces! Furioso is challenging us to focus on listening to the entire ensemble and adjusting your playing to fit the style. The students are also continuing to learn warm-ups by memory, including our newest addition, Fred. Fred is a challenging counting and articulation exercise to practice subdividing and staccato articulations. As always, thank you for monitoring your child’s practice and singing their practice sheets weekly. Ask them to play part of their favorite exercise or piece for you!


In choir, we’re learning to tackle solfeg in warm-ups and their concert pieces. They’re learning to become fluent in the vowels and hand symbols. One song we’ve chosen is partly in Slovakian, and we’ve had fun trudging our way through the foreign language in addition to the challenging vocal parts. Please encourage your choir student to log-on to google classroom to listen to recordings their part broken down as well as complete recordings of the pieces.

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