March HBoN


K-1 students are finishing up our unit on note names and rhythms and will be using those new notes to learn about singing. We will be focusing on the pitches So and Mi (think of the song “rain rain go away”). This short unit will take us to April break when we will begin learning our songs for our next concert.



2-3 students seem to be enjoying learning about the recorder. We’ve mastered “Hot Cross Buns” and are moving on to more fun songs using the notes B-A-G. This past week we had a longest note contest to see who could hold each note the longest. Mary’s class had the winner with 30 seconds of holding a note. We will be wrapping up this unit in the next two weeks and be taking a quiz over the unit.



Bucket drumming has been so fun! The 4-5’s have learned about sixteenth notes and eighth/sixteenth combinations. This week we started a song called, “The Guy Next to Me” and are learning how to play on the rim, bucket head, stick clicks, and our neighbor’s drums. I can’t wait to hear the final production of this song.


5th Grade Band


We’ve reached a pretty important band milestone in our band books this week. We now know enough notes to play our first scale. They are pretty excited to know enough notes to do this. They’ve worked so hard and have come a long way since our first few squeaky notes.


Middle School Band


We continue to work in our blue book and on our two songs, “Blast from the Past” and “Around the World in 80 Measures”. We will be having a quiz again soon and make sure you are practicing 60 minutes a week.


Middle School Choir


Our group is starting to sound really great together. We have been working on, “What a Wonderful World” and singing three different parts all together. Things are starting to click in this song and I can’t wait to share this song with the community.


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