February HBoN


K-1 Music

K-1 Students have enjoyed learning about ta’s and ti-ti’s this past month. They did so well that I was also able to introduce sh (quarter rest) and whole note. This week I will show them how ta turns into a quarter note, but still gets one count, and ti-ti’s are eighth notes, but still are quick. We will be playing some games and doing a few worksheets in order to reinforce these new notes.


2-3 Music

2-3 students have started working on recorders, and have already learned three notes (B-A-G) We will continue working on these first three notes for a few weeks to make sure everyone recognizes them and can play them. Next week we are hoping to learn everyone’s favorite song, “Hot Cross Buns”.


4-5 Music

4-5 students have started bucket drumming and love it! Our buckets smell like pickles since they came from Zingerman’s, but the kids seem to enjoy this aspect as well. I caught one student with their head inside the bucket this week saying, “I LOVE pickles”. We have learned about how to hold the sticks correctly and proper drumming techniques. We are working on some beginning drum rudiments using quarter notes and rests and will begin introducing eighth notes next week.


5th Grade Band

We seem to be sailing through the lesson book now and the students seem to be absorbing the material like little sponges. They can’t wait to see what we will learn next. This week we learned a new note on each instrument and had a quiz on Bingo. They really enjoy playing the songs they recognize.


Middle School Band

We continue to work through our blue book, but also fit in some sheet music as well. Last week I passed out a new piece called Around the World in 80 Measures. It’s a fun little piece that plays a theme for 18 different countries. You can listen to it here:¬†http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10031876


Middle School Choir

We just started a new semester in choir and have only had two classes so far. The first class was spent with voice placements where they sing a short song for me and I decide if they are a Soprano (High female voice), Alto (Low female voice), or Tenor (High male voice). Then, this week we reviewed how to read music and learned about Curwen hand signs. Looking ahead I hope to hand out some sheet music soon that we will learn for our concert and graduation.

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