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Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attended our concert back in December. All of the performers did a wonderful job and I’m very proud of all their hard work. I have added a few pictures to this page taken by our very own Joe Griffith. He did a great job capturing the concert and I appreciate the opportunity to share them with you.

As we look ahead to the new year in music class we will be turning our focus to new units in each grade level. The K-1’s will be learning about rhythms and how to create rhythms. In K-1 we start by looking at Ta’s (the beginning of a quarter note) and Ti-Ti’s (the beginning of eighth notes). They will even get the opportunity to compose their own rhythms using popsicle sticks.

2-3 students will begin learning the recorder. We will be using the, “Baroque Recorder Method” by Ed Suete. And learning the basics of playing the recorder in a group. This unit will last until March. It may sound like a long time, but since I only see the classes once a week it will be about 8 music classes.

4-5 students get to be a bit of guinea pigs for me this year as I introduce a new unit on bucket drumming. This is exactly as it sounds, we will drum on buckets. Thanks to Erin Reed and Vanessa Mayesky we have 60 – 5-gallon buckets to use for this unit. We will learn the basics of reading rhythms and how that translates to drumming. Then, creating an ensemble of buckets and learning how to play together. If all goes as planned we might be playing a bucket song at our spring concert.

5th grade band students will continue working in the red, “Standard of Excellence” book. During this time they have many more notes and rhythms to learn before I can introduce more challenging music for our spring concert. Our goal is to be able to play at least two pieces of sheet music at the concert. This means we will not play in unison, but each section will have a different part of melody, countermelody, harmony, or rhythm.

Middle school band students will also return to our blue, “Standard of Excellence” book. We will focus some in the book and some on sheet music. We will also have our third playing quiz on January 14th.

The middle school choir did a lovely job at the concert. Although it was a small group this semester I think it had many strong singers and we were able to produce a wonderful sound. Middle school students will switch electives soon which means a whole new group of singers. Since it is an elective it’s difficult to know how many students and different voice parts I will have in the choir. Once I know the voices I have in choir then I can order appropriate music for the group. I will give you more information on this group as it becomes available.

49 Winter Performance 2015

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