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Language Arts 3/7-8

Today we talked about different literary elements in class.  Students took notes on characters, point of view, and conflict.  If you missed class today, ask a friend for the notes, or email Jessie for a typed copy. Also, Jessie modeled how to fully answer this week’s reading journal question.  Make sure you fully answer each […]

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Language Arts 2/29-3/1

Today there was some discussion of setting and plot, and students worked to identify different aspects of setting and plot in their fantasy books. Last week the fantasy book project was assigned.  Please check google classroom if you missed class last week for assignments. Homework: Prepare for this week’s reading book talks Reading log due […]

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Language Arts 2/5

Today we read aloud from Coraline, and did some work around brainstorming and sketching what “other”family members might look like. No new homework.  Have a great weekend!

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Language Arts 2/3-4

Today we talked about how to end your narrative strongly.  Remember, your end should allude to the lesson or theme, and satisfy your reader, but still leave them thinking.  And never…  NEVER and with “THE END.” Also, the book selection sheet was distributed today.  We will be starting book groups when we return from break. […]

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Language Arts 2/1-2

Today we looked at revising writing by adding details…  not just any details, but details that will specifically bring out what your story is REALLY all about.  Think theme…  think lesson.  What details can you add to the story to enhance that message?  My example was about my trip to Glass Beach and how nature […]

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Language Arts 1/27-28

Today we worked on revising narratives for figurative language.  We worked as a group to revise a narrative that either Jessie or I wrote.  Then, students had the chance to work on revising their own. Homework: Revise 3 small bits from your own narrative writing due Friday NewsELA and reading journal due Friday

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Language Arts 1/25-26

This week we are continuing our work on narrative writing.  Today students committed to a final writing topic, took some notes on leads, and drafted several versions of leads. Homework: NewsELA and Reading Journal due Friday

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Language Arts 1/12-13

We’re starting something new! Today we started narrative writing, and our first steps were talking about what works in narrative writing, and how to choose topics.  If you missed class today, get the notes from a friend, or ask me for them when you return. Homework: NewsELA and reading journal due Friday

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Language Arts 1/6-7

Today in class we did a group grading activity.  We used the argument writing rubric on google classroom and graded a sample 8th grade piece.  Please make sure to check the rubric before you submit your final essay. Homework: Literary Essay due Monday/ Tuesday

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Language Arts 1/4-5

Today we worked on embedding quotes into our literary essays.  I also posted the rubric, and the (not yet complete) sample essay we have been working on as a class. Homework: Reading log due Wednesday/ Thursday Theme based literary essay due Monday/ Tuesday

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