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Friday 9/20

We started class today with viewing a video clip from Sandra Cisneros about her inspiration for the book The House on Mango Street.  You can find it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pyf89VsNmg Next, we started working through the “identity wheel” for Esperanza.  We will continue working on it later next week.  identity wheel Homework: Same as Wednesday/ Thursday

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Language Arts 9/18-19

Today we started class with a journal entry, reflecting on our neighborhoods or streets, how they might compare with Esperanza’s, and how she might feel about our situation, or conversely, how we might feel about hers. Then, we took a closer look at the word “inherit,” what it means in different contexts in the book, […]

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Language Arts 9/16-17

Welcome back from camp, everyone! We started class with word study today.  If you were absent, make sure you write down the following words, their definitions, use them in a sentence, and give a synonym.  You can keep this in your word study folder at school.  The words are baptize, cumulus, inherit, nimbus, pleated, and sassy. […]

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Language Arts 9/9

Today was a shortened class, so we moved quickly.  We started by reading a vignette by Eudora Welty about her 4th grade teacher.  You can find it here:  Eudora Welty- Miss Duling Then we talked about the writing trait “Ideas.”  Notes will be uploaded shortly. Finally, we talked about the rule of “So What” in […]

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Language Arts 9/5-6

Hey everyone!  It’s the first post of the year! Today we read our first vignette:  “Railroads” by EB White.  It is attached here:  Railroads EB White.  We used this vignette to discuss word choice.  Notes are here:  word choice.  Students also started their writer’s handbooks today, and got reading folders to keep all of their […]

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