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Middle School Language Arts

In early May we wrapped up the multigenre project that we had been working on since late March.  There were such a wide range of topics, from scientists, athletes, politicians, and even some semi-famous family members.  These projects are fun and creative.  Look for them at curriculum celebration! In May we turned our attention to […]

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Middle School Language Arts

In the month of March, we finished up reading Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion, and turned our attention to nonfiction.  Middle school students are completing the “big project” of the year, a multigenre biography project.  Students self selected a biography or autobiography to read, and they are constructing a project with multiple different pieces of […]

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Middle School Language Arts- December 2017

In the middle school, we’ve just wrapped up our second annual whole middle school participation in the National  Novel Writing Month.  As a middle school, we wrote more than a million words in one month!  Students had word goals ranging from 10,000-50,000 words, and many students who set goals over 25,000 words and beat their […]

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Middle School Language Arts, November 2016

Through the month of October we wrapped up the study of The House on Mango Street with a map project.  Students made maps of Mango Street with information from the book.  These will be on display at curriculum celebration in January. November should be exciting as we are all, as a middle school, participating in […]

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Language Arts 5/9-5/13

This week we are working on our Romeo and Juliet projects during class.  Please bring your materials and be prepared to work for each class time.  All projects are due Friday.

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Language Arts 5/2- 5/6

This week we are spending the bulk of the time watching West Side Story in class and comparing it to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  There will be time on Wednesday/ Thursday to work on projects, and a bit of time on Friday, too, but there will be shortened classes.  Friday we will see a special […]

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Language Arts 4/13-14

Today we did some work on defining some words that are commonly used in Shakespeare’s writing.  If you missed class today, ask someone at your table to share your table’s document with you. Then we had some fun acting out act 1 scene v.  Oh, love at first sight. Homework is the same as Monday/ […]

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Language Arts 4/11-12

Welcome back from break!  Today we started our work on Romeo and Juliet.  If you missed class today, talk to me ASAP to get copies of the books that we will be using, and also to get your family assignment. We went over the prologue and most of Act 1, scene 1.  Your homework for […]

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Language Arts- 3/14-3/17

This week we’ve done work on theme and symbolism.  If you missed class, see Jessie for the notes that you’ve missed. Make sure you are keeping up with your book group.  You should be finishing your book by the end of the week. Homework for Friday Prepare for book groups Start 200 activity for portfolio […]

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Language Arts 3/9-10

Today we talked about tone and listened to a podcast from The Moth to determine the author’s tone.  If you missed class today, get the notes from Jessie or a friend. We met briefly in book groups to discuss the night’s reading and the tone of your fantasy novel. Then, we started watching “Coraline.” Homework: […]

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