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Recent Assignments

  • Social Studies, 11/18 – Honey Creek School of Archaeology Project

    We have been continuing our group work on the Honey Creek School of Archaeology Project. Students have completed the most challenging parts of the project – researching and writing about their civilization’s geography, social structure, major achievements, and belief systems. Now, they’re embarking upon the more creative parts, where they create artifacts for a tomb. Each student in responsible for bringing in one artifact by Friday, November 20th.

    I’m attaching the rubrics for all four parts. (These are also on Classroom.)01 Project – Honey Creek Archaeology – First Parts

    02 Guided Notes – Part I

    03 Guided Notes – Part II

    06 Checklist – Part II

    07 Parts III & IV Rubrics

  • Social Studies – 11/2, School of Archaeology Project

    My apologies for not posting more frequently but I’m finding that our lines of communication are shifting from the website to Google Classroom.

    There, you’ll find information on the project we’ve been working on for the past week. In short, students are in small groups, researching one of five major civilizations. Each group will have to put together an interactive archeological dig for the community at the curriculum celebration in January.

    Interspersed with their group work will be lessons on the civilizations, as well as small assessments.

    The first part of the project – the geography of the civilization – is due on Friday, November 6th.

  • Social Studies, 10/22 – Quiz on Mesopotamia

    We started this week off with the Terra Nova.
    Then, on Wednesday and Thursday we began learning about Mesopotamia. We’re going to go fairly quickly through some of these ancient civilizations, focusing mainly on the geography, the social hierarchy, and the big achievements.
    We’re having a quiz over Mesopotamia on Friday. Details on Classroom.

    Don’t forget that we have a field trip on Tuesday to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, where we’ll see some artifacts from ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

  • Social Studies, 10/12 – Bask in Post-Debate Glory

    No homework tonight or Tuesday night as we’re basking in the success of our debates. Students hashed out which lifestyle was better, the Neolithic one or the Paleolithic one. We will now begin transitioning into the first settlements – where they were and why the started there.

    FIELD TRIP TO THE KELSEY MUSEUM ON OCTOBER 27th. More details to follow.

  • Social Studies, 10/8 – Ötzi Part II

    Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we dove back into the Ötzi saga. Students worked in teams to answer questions relating the life and death of Ötzi to the events surrounding the Agricultural Revolution.

    The homework is optional, just to delve deeper by finishing the documentary on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X05-uMWzAhA – or by looking at the website, http://www.iceman.it/en/oetzi-the-iceman.

    Friday, students will be having a debate over the pros and cons of the Agricultural Revolution.

  • Social Studies, 10/5 – The Journey of Man

    We’re looking at the migration of our early ancestors out of Africa and how, when and why they spread to nearly every corner of the planet. The fascinating part of early human history and archaeology versus modern history is the unknown. The mystery. The challenge of piecing together a story from a limited amount of evidence. And the debates that follow.

    Here we’ll be asking: “Why do people leave their homes? Why did a small number of people leave Africa 50,000 years ago?”

    And “What evidence do we have that supports the out-of-Africa theory versus the out-of-Australia theory?”

    The details of the assignment will be posted in Google Classroom.

  • Social Studies, 9/28 – Comparing Paleolithic & Neolithic Societies

    Forgive me for not posting this assignment earlier. It was on Google Classroom but I did not put it here.

    So without further adieu:

    01 Comparison Assignment

    All supporting materials are on Classroom.
    The due date for this was 9/30 and 10/1.

  • Social Studies, 9/21 – Jeopardy Pre-Assessment

    This week in Social Studies, we are completing a Jeopardy game in class. This serves three purposes:

    1) students are working together in teams of about 5 or 6, which is the size of the teams they’ll have during the archaeology project,
    2) the questions tap into some prior knowledge so students can share their understanding of early human history and how to analyze maps,
    3) it allows me to share some basic knowledge about early human history, the Agricultural Revolution, and the geography of Central/South America

    The game will take two full lesson and then will culminate with a test on Friday. I am including the full slideshow with all of the questions here, to help students study. They were to take notes in class.

    Slideshow: 02 Jeopardy – The Game 2015