Listed below are different resources available to use for each unit we are covering in Science this year.

How Things Work (2013-2014)



Journeys (2012-2013)

Health/Human Body resources:

Human Body Organs Game – This link is to a game listing organs in the body

Food-a-pedia Website – Lists caloric measurements and food groupings for a variety of foods

Food Pyramid Website

Cells Alive – A great informational biology website, more towards high school/college level.

Space and Energy Websites/Resources:

History of Energy (EIA Energy Kids website)

Windows to the Universe


Water Cycle Summary

Water Cycle (Detailed – USGS)


Homes and Habitats (2011-2012)

Earth: The Operator’s Manual

SPECIES Website (from the U of M)

BioKids Critter Catalog (from the U of M)

La Nina Explained (NOAA)

El Nino Explained (NOAA)

Population Size Computer Simulation

Practice building a food web

Web Resources for Plants and Animals (sciencespot.net)

Animal Diversity (U of M)

Encyclopedia of Life  (eol.org)



How Things Work (2010-2011):

Matter Matters:

Periodic Table of Elements (pictures of each element)

Periodic Table of Elements (from Chemicool)

Periodic Table of Elements (

Sound/Light Waves:

Concave mirror (Advance user)

Concave Mirror (Regular User)

Download the Sound Simulation (courtesy of PHET)

Color Blindness Experience


Font Resize