Course 1

Welcome to Course 1

In Course 1 we work a lot on strengthen our skills with rational numbers.  The class aligns mostly with the 6th grade State Standards.  Here are the topics we plan to cover throughout the year:

  •    ◊ Using Factors and Multiples
  •    ◊ Rate and Ratio Reasoning
  •    ◊ Using Fraction Operations
  •    ◊ Extending Representations of Rational Numbers
  •    ◊ Univariate Data
  •    ◊ Computing with Decimals and Percents
  •    ◊ Introduction to Algebraic Thinking
  •    ◊ 2- & 3- Dimensional Measurement

Math is a skill based subject and requires regular practice, therefore homework is assigned regularly and will be posted on this page.  It is best to complete the assignments by their due dates, however late assignments are accepted until the unit test.  There will be summative assessment (test and/or project) given at the end of each unit.  Whenever a test is scheduled, the students will know a week in advance to help them plan and prepare.  Afterwards, the students will be asked to discuss the test results with their parents and ask to have it signed.  Test Corrections are discussed in class and an overview is attached to this page, along with the Routines and Expectations (and Notecards).  Please, either ask your child to explain these routines or feel free to read the attachments.

I look forward to a positive growth year with your student and you.


Cindy Wauer,  Middle School Math Teacher

Book: Holt Mathematics:  Course 1 (Copyright 2007 by Holt, Rinehart, Winston).  Online access: my.hrw.com,  Has a user ID and password that you/your student should know.

Routines and Expectations:  Routines and Expectations

Test Corrections:  Test Corrections

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