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Algebra is the highest level math class that is taught at Honey Creek Middle School.  The class is equivalent to a high school algebra class.  Students who successfully complete algebra will continue on to Geometry in 9th grade.  The topics we will be covering throughout the year are:

  •    ◊ Foundations for Algebra
  •    ◊ Function Relationships
  •    ◊ Linear Functions
  •    ◊ Solving Linear Equations
  •    ◊ Exponential Functions
  •    ◊ Quadratic Functions
  •    ◊ Solving Quadratic Equations
  •    ◊ Power and Polynomial Functions

As the students move through the class they are expected to take on even more responsibility for their learning, and are given more choices.  For some of the units we flip the instructions; students listen to example and lessons online at home and work on homework assignments during class.  There will be summative assessments (tests and/or projects) given at the end of each unit.  Students are no longer expected to ask parents to sign the test, but they are expected to do test corrections on all tests.  Test corrections, class routines and expectations handouts are attached to this post.  Feel free to read over them and ask your child about our class.

If you have any questions that your student can not answer, feel free to contact me at cwauer@hc.wash.k12.mi.us

Book:  Holt Algebra 1 (copyright 2007 by Holt, Rinehart, Winston

Routines and Expectations:  Routines and Expectations – Algebra

Test Corrections:  Test Corrections

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