Middle School Social Studies

It’s been six long years since the last one, but the middle school is gearing up for Trader Joe’s Big Bartering Bonanza this Thursday, May10 and Friday, May 11. During this event students incorporate all of their knowledge about microeconomics and create a product to market to students in younger grades. In return, K-5 students bring in items needed at the local homeless shelters – the Delonis Center, Alpha House and Food Gatherers – to trade. In the end kids will gauge if prices were too high or too low, whose product was demanded most, and who ran out of their supply too early. More importantly, we’ll have truckloads of items to donate and students will have a deeper understanding of how market economies work. The top sellers will get the respect and admiration of their classmates, as well as a free dinner from me. For a final assessment, students will be incorporating their experiences at the bonanza into a “report” which will be on display at the curriculum celebration.
Thank you all who volunteered at the event. Your help was crucial to its success.

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