Middle School Math – May 2018

I some ways the school year seems to have flown by, like we just returned from Camp Tamarack and getting into the flow of classes.  And, at the same time we have learned so much, me, as well as the students, that it’s a good years worth of work. In three of the classes we have been using Eureka Math curriculum that has provided us a new approach to concepts and lots of opportunity for discussion and exploration.

In Course 1 our most recent unit was on understanding integers and how we use them in everyday life.  The students will presenting their project creating art in the coordinate plane at curriculum celebration.

Course 2 has been diving head first into algebraic expressions and equations.  It is quite a transition from solving word problems using arithmetic to solving word problems algebraically.  They have created a word problems of their own for you to solve at curriculum celebration, come see if you can solve it algebraically.

Linear equations has been the hot topic in Course 3.  From understanding that the graph of a linear equation is a line, to comparing standard form to slope-intercept form, to solving systems of linear equations.  For curriculum celebration they too will be presenting art on a coordinate plane, but theirs will be defined by linear equations.

Algebra has had an very productive year beginning with a review of linear equations and functions, to solving quadratic and radical equations.  They will be presenting their discoveries of parabolas (the graph of a quadratic function) in the real world along with their regression equation at the curriculum celebration.

As you can see the students have worked to creatively display their knowledge of the new math skills and concepts they have gained this year.  We look forward to seeing you at the curriculum celebration.

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