Middle School Social Studies

We are on to our third unit of the year: homelessness. Students will be starting the unit by writing a narrative about and drawing a picture of a homeless person. An imaginary homeless person that, in theory, should symbolize a lot of their preconceived notions about homeless people. I am asking them to describe the age, race, gender, family situation, reasons for homelessness, etc. We will use all of their narratives to accumulate data about their characters and see if we can see common features. Perhaps stereotypes. Then we will compare some of that information to national data. The whole point of this exercise is to start a larger conversation about the who, what and why of homelessness. We hope to get some guest speakers to come in and eventually to do a field trip to the Delonis Center in Ann Arbor. This unit pairs nicely with a microeconomics unit coming up in a month or so. Also, look for a big homeless simulation sometime in February.

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