Middle School Math – December 2017

November was like a whirlwind in the middle school, especially with the Terra Nova testing.  We still managed to persevere in gaining knowledge and skills within each class.

In Course 1 we are finally completing the unit on Ratios and Rates.  Because this concept is integral to higher level mathematics and sciences, as well as, everyday life, we worked on developing a deep understanding with multiple approached.  This last half of the unit has consisted of unit rates and their various applications; such as, comparison shopping, speed and, measurement unit conversions to name a few.  We have also related rates per 100 to percents and applied percents to a number of real-world situations.  Before winter break we hope to begin working with fraction and decimal operations.

Course 2 has also spent quality time with Ratios, Rates, and Proportions, completing the unit in November.  We are currently working on a Scale Drawing Project that you will be able to view at Curriculum Celebration.  Our next unit will be working with becoming more familiar with integers and skilled with integer and other rational number operations.

Geometry has been the topic of study in Course 3, transformational geometry to be more specific.  We have had fun using a transparency to investigation sequences of translations along a vector, rotations around a point, and reflection across a line.  This is some of the students favorite unit.  We will now use our investigations of rigid motion to understand congruence.  And, before we leave this unit we will be learning about the Pythagorean Theorem.

In Algebra we are currently exploring linear functions; how to identify them through equations, as well as tables, identify the relationship between parallel lines and perpendicular lines, and various linear transformations.  We will complete the unit with a project showing off their understanding of linear functions.


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