Middle School Math – April 2017

Once Spring Break is over math class seems to fly by, it always seem to be a mad dash to the end.  Fortunately, in most classes we get to explore different aspects of geometry… which is always fun.

Course 1 will be learning and reviewing some geometry basics right after a quick lesson in decimals.  We will be reviewing what decimal are and where you find them on a number line.  Converting fractions to decimals and then to percents to see how they all relate to one another will be an important focus.  In addition, we will be reviewing mathematical operations with decimals, always taking it one step further.  Our focus this time will be on multi-digit division.

Course 2 is jumping into a longer unit in geometry beginning with areas and perimeter of polygons and adding circumference and area of circles.  We will be exploring the Pythagorean Theorem and therefore needing to learn more about square roots.  The second half of this unit will involve surface area and volume of different 3-D figures.

In Course 3 we will quickly review what we know about geometry so far, so that we can use that knowledge in transformational geometry.  Learning to translate, reflect, and rotate objects on a coordinate grid.

As we just completed our unit on quadratic functions the Algebra will be using that knowledge in a fun project examining parabolas in the real world.  They will be identifying parabolas in photos and learning to derive an equation for them.  We will also learn how to manipulate radical functions as a tool.

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