Middle School Math – March 2017

During second semester we tend to push through quite a bit of math in all the classes…

Algebra – March finds us learning skills to factor quadratic expressions so that we can use it as a tool to solve quadratic equation.

Course 3 – We have been learning about different ways to display data and the different types of data that you can collect (quantitative, qualitative, and categorical).  We will be surveying the middle school student to collect data that we can use to “get to know” our middle schoolers better.  Watch for our displays at the curriculum celebration in May.

Course 2 – Finishing up on our unit about proportional thinking, we are doing a 2-D dilations of various spring themes (considering how unseasonably warm it’s been).  We will begin to learn about solving algebraic equations next.

Course 1 – We have recently completed our unit on Fractions and Fraction Operations… a most important skill for middle school math.  Next, we will be moving on to Integers.

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