Middle School Social Studies

Students are cruising right along in American history. They have recently studied some of the challenges facing the young nation, including passing the political torch after Washington, living with the hypocrisy slavery, and balancing relationships with Spain, France and England. What’s taken a fair amount of time in the past few weeks has been our efforts to better understand the United States’ relationship with native nations. We asked the question, “What happened?” after such peaceful relations emerged with Lewis and Clark. This led us down a path through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries all the way to the Standing Rock Tribe’s resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. As most of you know, we’ll be taking a trip to Washington DC on March 9th to march with and support Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies. Thanks to everyone for your support.
For the rest of the month of March, students will begin comparing the economies and politics of the Northeast and South and start assessing the impacts of westward expansion.

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