January 2017 – Middle School Math

The big motivation in middle school math classes this time of year is the Curriculum Celebration (January 20th).  Each class will presenting a different project.  The algebra students completed their project just before winter break.  Some created line segment art and some made “stained glass windows”.  Their task was to create the lines, write an equation for each, and define its range and domain.  Course 3 students also completed their projects before winter break.  They have dilated various items.  Some student enlarged their item others reduced it depending upon the scale factor they chose.  Their task was to accurately measure the original object, dilate each measurement with their scale factor, then create the dilated item.  We began our projects in courses 1 & 2 before winter break and will be finishing them early January.  The students in course 2 are working on the Amateur Architect project.  So far we have worked on our measurement skills, striving for accuracy and consistency.  Their next task is to decipher directions, and use fractions and mixed numbers to create a house.  The students in course 1 are working on a project with pattern blocks.  Their task is to work with fractions and mixed numbers, understanding how they add together, setting a foundation for reviewing fraction operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and leading into fraction division.  We look forward to seeing you during the curriculum celebration.

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