Social Studies Week 31: 4/28-5/2


We finished our battle stations rotations activity in which we learned about 12 key Civil War battles. Students who missed this activity should see me  – the materials will not be posted on the website.

We then went over a timeline of the battles, discussed key aspects, turning points, and how certain battles relate to the Anaconda and Offensive=Defensive Strategies. Specific battles we discussed further included: Ft. Sumter, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Sherman’s March, and Appomattox. In some classes we also discussed ways in which the American Civil War was a War of firsts – iron ships, submarine, hot air balloon, machine guns, photography showing the stark brutality of war, etc.

We spent the rest of class reviewing for the unit test.

We reviewed:

1) Economics concepts and the industrial Revolution

2) Causes of the Civil War (Politics leading to sectional tension)

3) Lincoln’s Policies

4) Black Soldiers

5) The slavery Paragraph prompts

HOMEWORK: Review for the Test (held on Weds/Thurs.)




HW: None/or catch up on Civil War Project if behind. You should be finishing up part one of the writing and starting part two. If you are not that far, you are behind and should get caught up.



We discussed the final phases of the project and students created a plan for completing the project by May 9.

We finally watched Crash Course U.S. #21, the second Civil War episode. We then discussed his key points about the lasting impacts of the Civil War, especially a stronger federal government, a strengthened executive (President), the path toward the modern, industrial America we would become, etc.

We finished class by beginning a discussion of what needed to happen next after the war was over. What issues, problems, would need to be settled?

HW: Reading on 3 different plans for Reconstruction, take Cornell Notes in Notebook. Reconstruction Reading

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