Social Studies Week 29: April 14-18


After reviewing tips for conducting good research, students began research for the new Civil War Project (see last week’s post for handouts and details). James discussed the topics proposed by individual students with each student, and made suggestions if necessary. Students started a research document and shared it with James. The title must include the words Civil War, the hour the student is in, and their first name.

HW: Add research notes on 1-2 additional sources. (HW will be checked by timestamp on the research doc).


We used some of the slides in this image-rich powerpoint timeline africanamericans_civilwar Revisedto review the beginning of the war, and especially focused on:

-Lincoln’s changing policies on slavery

-Black involvement in the Civil War

We then did a partnered primary source analysis activity using a Recruitment Poster recruitment-broadside and set of analysis questions Black Recruitment Poster Questions.

With the little extra time some pairs of students had, they were able to use our classroom civil war books to continue research on their project.

HW (Due Mon/Tues): 1) Do the last question in the Poster analysis activity – to answer this question, you need to find a modern army recruitment poster to compare with the Civil War poster you analyzed in class. 2) Continue research on your project – add notes to research Doc (to be checked by time-stamp).


We reviewed Lincoln’s public justification for the war – how and why it changed.

We did a short lesson on Music in the Civil War. James played the 4 songs on this document. We discussed the significance of the songs.

Civil War Songs

HW: Complete the take home quiz on Civil War Causes. You may use internet resources and your notes, but may not copy from or ask other students for answers. Do this by yourself. This assignment WILL NOT be accepted late for credit. Students not turning it in on time (unless you have an excused absence) will receive a score of zero. Civil War Causes Quiz

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