Social Studies Week 28: March 31-April 4


We took the Terra Nova Social Studies

We then went over the Economics quizzes from last week and the Economics tasks 1-5

We then started the book browse of 30 plus Civil War Books (mentioned in last Friday’s post but we didn’t end up getting to that since we needed more review of civil war causes). Students recorded Civil War sub-topics in one column as they browsed, and questions they had in another. They were also encouraged to write down the name of any book they thought they might want to use again. The main goal was to generate curiosity and a list of possible topics and questions for the upcoming research project.

HW: Refine/add to your list of Civil War questions. You should have a minimum of 3 really good questions when you enter class on Weds/Thurs.

Weds/Thur (and Friday)

We shared some topics and questions we had to date. We then did a class demo on how to identify sub-topics and how to generate questions using a sample illustration and sample page from a book on the elmo. Students were then given about 20 more minutes to browse and further develop their lists in their notebook.

We then watched Crash Course U.S. #20. We demoed Cornell note-taking strategy again using this video and the elmo for the notes.

Finally, I handed out the Project Assignment Sheet, went over it, and showed them photos of projects from previous years.  Civil War Project Revised 2014

HW: Further refine your list of questions and subtopics. You should have at least 3 more questions and 10 or more subtopics (or many more).


I showed students some additional lists of possible topics, and had them add any they found interesting to their list.

I then gave them the proposal sheet they will complete over break and went over it.  Civil War Project Proposal

Students then had time to investigate their top 5 potential topics using iPads and the class books.

HW: Complete Proposal (Due upon return from the break)

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