Social Studies Week 26: March 17-21


We spent the first part of class reading each other’s paragraphs on abolitionism (paragraph B, see last week). James also projected and read 2 exemplars and we discussed them. Students got back paragraph A and read James’ comments.

We started our week-long look at Economics preceding the Civil War. We talked about the terms “economics” and “economy.” All of the lecture, reading,  discussion topics, and classwork and homework prompts are combined into one Drive Presentation Document. The PDF version is linked below. Basically, we are trying to understand how different the north and south were as a result of industrial revolution in the north, and are learning some basic economics concepts and tools, such as supply and demand curves.

Industrial Rev and a Divided Nation

Homework: Paragraph C (see last week’s post) & finish economics tasks 1 & 2 (see slideshow) if you didn’t finish them in class.


Continued to explore the economic issues pre-civil war (see above slide show).

Homework: Finish Econ Tasks 3 & 4; review notes and readings on slideshow

Friday: Finished up Slides

Homework: Finish Econ Task 5

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