Social Studies Week 25: March 10-14


After a brief discussion of presentation skills, students put the final touches on their presentations on slavery, then presented (see last week’s post for the docs). Most of these were quite good. We also discussed how they relate to the state standards on slavery (see A, B, and C below, which also are this weeks homework prompts).

Homework: Write Paragraph A (see A, below). This should be a well developed paragraph, typed, double-spaced, printed out, due Weds/Thurs.



Students did a brief informal peer-editing session on paragraph A (the homework). Students shared feedback on post-it notes.

We watched a video called Making of America: Seeds of Destruction, narrated by Morgan Freeman. Students took web-style notes, with three central circles containing the 3 standards- A, B, and C (see below). Notes were linked to the  3 circles based on related meaning. This was demonstrated in class.

Homework: Write Paragraph B (see below). Follow same protocol as for Mon/Tues. HW.



Another brief peer-editing session on Paragraph B.

We then began examining Economic differences between the North & South by

discussed this interactive map:


and these Bar Graphs – N vs. South


Homework: Paragraph C. Follow same protocol as for the previous two HWs.

State Standards (Simplified) on Slavery (for the homeworks, presentation discussions, and video notes):

A. Describe the resistance efforts of enslaved people.

B. Describe the development and efforts of the abolitionist movement.

C. Explain the ideology of the institution of slavery in America, its policies, and consequences.

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