Social Studies Week 21: Feb. 3-7


Students researched and found primary sources for their Lewis & Clark Posters, finished the final drafts of the map, did the remaining 1-2 illustrations, and printed off a title, along with the other written components.

HOMEWORK: Any of these (above) not completed in class must be finished at home, although manmy students finished.


Today we put together the map projects, creating borders and backgrounds for the poster, and laying out and securing all the components, as well as connecting the annotations, maps, and illustrations.

Students who finished early watched segments of the National Geographic Video on school tube.

HOMEWORK: Students not finished putting together the project or behind on any parts must complete it. Otherwise, no homework.


We browsed and discussed each others posters, watched a couple more segments of the video, and discussed Westward expansion and the concept of manifest destiny by examining the classic illustration showing the lady moving west – “American Progress,” by John Gast. Absent students can find this in google images.

We also looked at and discussed several graphs showing the increase in settlements west in the 19th century and the decline in native populations.


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