Social Studies Week 20: 1/27-1/31


Lewis & Clark Geography/Storyboard project

Students finished reading the Lewis & Clark story on National Geographic, then spent most of class composing, as a team, their 12 text boxes relaying the story. The focus was on developing and exploring the skill of distinguishing between more significant and less significant factors in a non-fiction text. A demonstration using part of the text (tab #11) was done with the entire class. Students used macbooks to compose the 2-sentence boxes, and we discussed as a class the specific contents of boxes 1 & 12, which will introduce and conclude the story.

Homework: Complete and proofread the 12 Textboxes


L & C Project

Students began a rough draft of the map for the poster. The identified and labeled the precise places on the route where each of their events (corresponding to the annotation/textboxes, above) took place, and labeled other major human and physical geographic features which should be included on the map. A few groups began the final version of the map, which will be the focus of the first class next week.

Homework: Each student should create one of the illustrations for the poster. They discussed with their teams in class who would create which ones. Special paper was distributed for the task, and should return to the first class of next week with a completed, colored, high-quality illustration. Eventually each poster will need 4 illustrations.

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