Language Arts 1/27-28

First, I am sorry for not posting all of last week.  With all of the chaos and everything, it totally slipped my mind.  The good news is there wasn’t homework last week…

We started class with new word wall terms…  they are mostly terms used in special education.  They are FAPE, FERPA, inclusion, self-contained classroom, and adaptation.  Good discussion followed.

Next, we talked about dyslexia and watched several video clips about this print disability.

Then, I passed out new books, and students met in their book groups to develop a reading schedule.  Then, everyone got their “reading journal” partners.  Each week, students will write back and forth to each other (someone in a different Language Arts class) with their thoughts and reactions to the books that they are reading.

Finally, time to read.

Start reading your book
Reading journal entry due Friday

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