Social Studies Week 19: 1/21-1/24

No School Monday = MLK Day

New Rotations begin


After warming up and reviewing some of the amendments between 11 and 26, students took a surprise but open-note quiz on the amendments, mostly focused on the first 10. We checked it together in class.

Students then shared their MLK reflections (from last week) with their table groups and were directed to focus on both the out loud delivery of the reflection as well as the content. Students who missed this assignment due to last weeks disruption (students who were in 4th hour in semester 1) were filled in on the assignment and given until the first  class next week to complete it.

We then introduced and began work on the new team mini project – a annotated and illustrated map of the journey of Lewis & Clark. LewisClarkGeographyActivity Students began taking notes on the Interactive Journey Log from the National Geographic website (see document for link).

Hmwk: finish taking notes in notebook through journey log #6


Continued reading the journey log, taking notes.

Watched 10 minutes of the National Geographic special recreating the journey, focusing in on the geography. Here is a link:    http://tinyurl.com/mh67btg

HMWK: Finish Reading the online text and taking notes through tab # 19





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