Social Studies Week 18: Jan. 13-17


After returning and going over last week’s Constitution quiz, then doing a brief all-class warm-up involving reviewing the Bill of Rights, we resumed work on the Bill of Rights Activity (see last week’s post for the document). Specifically, we did part 2, in which 12 legal scenarios were presented, discussed in small groups then with the whole class, and students completed the chart in the handout. We had lively discussions.

The goal of the activity is to increase student understanding of the Bill of Rights by getting them to apply them to real-life legal cases, and also allowing them to work on reasoning, writing, and speaking skills.

The scenarios can be found here (you may need to copy and paste this link into a web browser):



The Homework: Print off the Create a Character Project Part 1 & 2 from Google Drive. Make sure they look like the product you want presented at curriculum celebration. They will be recombined with the sketches for Friday’s event, and placed on a table with a description of the project.


Activity on the other Amendments: 11-27

Student groups of 2-3 are assigned summaries of two of the amendments. They then use modeling clay to create something that represents each amendment, which other students will use to guess the basic idea of the amendment in a browsing type game. Students recorded their ideas and follow-up discussion on these charts:

Amendments 11-27 chart

Absent students can review the summaries of the amendments here: amendments 11-27 cards

Homework: Review Amendments 11-27 on your chart

Friday: Short day due to assemblies (30 min. per class) Review/Wrap-up amendments and other curriculum celebration items

Start short reflection on Connection between MLK and the Constitution. The prompt is: What are some specific ways that MLK used the U.S. Constitution to advance the cause of equality and liberty for all?


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