Social Studies Wk. 17: 1/6-1/10

Monday-Wednesday = No School, snow days

Thurs = 1st & 2nd Hour, Fri. = 3rd & 4th Hour



-Graded Semester Warm-ups, Create a Character Part 2, and the Convention Portfolio were returned to students; students took a few minutes to read the comments. James also made some general comments about the work quality.

-Discussed the Elastic Clause (aka Necessary & Proper Clause, in Article I) and the Supremacy clause (Article VI) ; absent students can Google these and easily find out what they are.

-Quiz- The Constitution

-Bill of Rights Activity Bill of Rights Handout

-We did an all classes demo of steps one and two using the 1st Amendment, then groups of students worked on the rest. They discussed each amendement, then wrote short versions of each in note form on the chart.

-The last 10 min. we went over them briefly as a whole class, and discussed how some of them are still controversial today, and in what ways.

-We will do part 3 – analyzing the legal scenarios, next week.

Homework: Review the Bill of Rights, 20 min.



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