Social Studies Week 16: 12/16-12/20


We held our Mock Constitutional Convention. We had, generally, very fruitful, engaging debates (although fewer in 3rd hour), and found many compromises. Students showed an excellent understanding of the key principles of and debates surrounding the constitution, especially regarding the issues of federalism (state vs. federal power, enumerated vs plenary powers), checks and balances, slavery, types of representation, and parliamentary procedure.

Students also turned in their delegate portfolios and warmups for the whole semester.


Students took a quiz at the end which we then went over. Students are to review this quiz over break several times, and may get a similar “for real” quiz in January. Optional for students looking for more advanced work/understanding, in addition, may:

-Read and contemplate the Preamble of the Constitution

-Read the Articles of the Constitution and identify areas we covered in class and areas we did not.

-Read and contemplate the Bill of Rights (which we will explore after break).

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