Social Studies week 13: 11/25-11/27


I went over the written requirements of the character project part 2, in which students relate information from their research on an event during the American Revolutionary War in a written form of their choice. The specifics are in the document posted last week. This additional document- Character2Writing (1) , contains the basic things I went over with class…..these points should be considered in conjunction with the project overview sheet from last week.


Notice also in this document that we took 5-10 minutes of class time for students to read over and consider my comments on phase one of the project, which I graded over the weekend. Students received detailed comments in the margin of the Google Drive Document in which they submitted sections 1-6. Students will be asked to make changes or revisions to the document before the New Years break prior to printing off a final draft of the paper, which, along with the sketches and eventually part 2, will be presentation feature for social studies at the curriculum celebration in January.


HW – Work on this project for about 20 min.



Students continue to work on part 2.

HW – Continue to work on part 2.

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