Langauge Arts 11/25-26

It was a dangerous day in Language Arts today.  We talked about censorship and banning literature!

We started class by creating definitions of the words “banned,” “challenged,” “intellectual freedom,” “expunge,” and “censor.”  Those are our word wall words for this week.

Then we talked about the process of banning books, and how or where it can happen.  Then I read them the #1 most frequently banned book in 2010 And Tango Makes Three.  We talked about why someone (justified or not) might find that book to be unacceptable.  Then we looked over other banned book lists.

Next, I introduced the next reading unit where students will have to choose a banned book (get permission from a parent to read it) and bring it to class next Monday/ Tuesday with a permission form.  Attached here:  banned book list

Finally, I introduced the Letters About Literature contest, sponsored by the Library of Congress.  For this next unit, students will have to write a review of the book that they read, or they can participate in this contest.  (Or they can participate in the contest apart from their banned book.)  Details are here:  http://www.read.gov/letters/

Reading logs due Monday/ Tuesday
Research book choice


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