Social Studies wk. 12: 11/18-11/22


After reviewing events from the second half of 1774 (1st Continental Congress, Colonial Militia Expansions,  reactions to the Coercive Acts, Raid on Ft. William & Mary, King George III’s reactions, etc.), students prepared for a debate between Loyalists and Patriots. In addition to notes, they used the Loyalist and Patriot Ideas handout from a previous session. Loyalist & Patriot Ideas

The debate was lively and engaging. We had to temporarily bring some Patriots over to the Loyalist side because they were outnumbered as per the character project. Topics debated included political philosophy, the extent to which taxation is permissible under different circumstances, the effects of various British policies on the economy and liberties of the colonists, and the benefits and drawbacks of world superpowers. We reflected on our debate afterward by looking at an annotated sociogram that James created during the debate which charted the amount and quality of participation.

We ended class by watching a 10 minute video segment from the History Channel series: America: The Story of the U.S. which depicts the build-up to and events of the Battles of Lexington & Concord, at the beginning of the war.

HW – Polish/Proof all writing in the character project


We spent about 10 minutes comparing and contrasting short segments of text by John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. The focus wasn’t so much on the plagiarism found in the Declaration of Independence as on the strong influence of Locke’s philosophy on Jefferson and the ideals of the Revolution. Jefferson’s Plagiarism

Students were then introduced to the second and final phase of the Character Project, in which their character must take action in a conflict of the revolution. The hand out is here. Create a Character Phase 2 The War DirectionsStudents began writing the questions and researching on Weds./Thurs. and began researching the rest on Friday.

This phase of the project should be shared as a separate document from Phase One of the Character Project. Students should include, in the Google Drive Document title, their name, period, and the phrase character at war. 

Students will eventually be sharing findings from this research with their classmates in a sort of jigsaw part B.

HW  W/Th- read over research documents and try to answer the questions you wrote (include in new Google Doc at beginning (20 min)

HW F – Continue/advance your research. Take notes on your research. Choose the genre in which you will write for the written piece. (see hand out)(20 min)

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