Social Studies Week 11: 11/11-11/15


Students wrote about and shared some of their personal beliefs about government. Some of the issues that arose in these comments include: multi-party vs. 2-party systems, small-d and small-r vs. capital-D and capital-R Democrat and Republican, direct vs. representative democracy, corruption in government, perceived abuses of power by governments.

Students were then introduced to some basics of enlightenment political philosophy and how that could be woven into their completion of part 6 of the Create a Character Project, the directions for which are here:

Views on Royal Government

 *Include character’s opinions about one of the three parts of the Royal Government. Explain character’s views on the role of government in citizens’ lives by explaining two of the following: limited government, republicanism, protecting individual rights, promoting the common good, representative government, or natural rights.

A photo of the whiteboard notes from this part of class are here: Pol philosophy basic whiteboard notes


Here is a digital file that includes the above notes (3rd hour’s version) plus some additional notes from W/Th on some key events from 1774 on the path to war, as well as a chart that summarizes my review of the Wed/Thurs. warm-up on the political Philosophies of Hobbes & Locke, which were influential during this period and which also may be useful for students seeking to fortify part 6 of the Character project with a more philosophical tone.SocialStudiesNotes1


Students were given this handout, adapted from the Bostonian Society, which clarifies some of the views of patriots and loyalists. Loyalist & Patriot Ideas


Students then had almost an hour of class time to research and compose part 6, and to type up any sections of the project not yet typed.

We had fruitful discussions/workshop time.

Homework: Draft of Character Part 6


After some clarification of part 6, students began the character sketch part of the project. 2 full color sketches are required: one a face/mug shot/portrait-style, the second your character in a scene. It was discussed that the techniques learned in the Art Special Class taught by Sarah were to be incorporated into this phase of the project. This will be one of the main viewing pieces for curriculum celebration and should be your best work.

We also discussed events/issues  from 1774: The First Continental Congress, The House of Burgesses, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, the ramping up of militias in the colonies, the British response

Homework: work on sketches at least 20 min.


Students proofread and continued to complete the project

Homework: finish all parts of the project. Proofread and edit your document. Finish coloring the 2 drawings

I discussed some additional specifications for the two sketches in the character project. The photo of the board below captures these requirements. Some specifications for the character sketches


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