Soc. Studies Week 10:11/4-11/8


We started off by creating timelines spanning 1750-1780, and included the 6 events we examined last week in our dice roll game, as well as the French & Indian War. We also added the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party.

We watched 2 short video clips. One (5 min.) was on the Boston Massacre and was taken from the show America: The Story of Us. We discussed the importance of the “rapid” distribution of information and the types of printed media that was widespread in the colonies at the time and its role in shaping public opinion. The second (4 min.) video was a documentary of the events leading up to and the night of the Boston Tea Party.

We then looked at several propaganda cartoons from the time period, discussed them as primary sources, and interpreted them together. We discussed the term propaganda.

Students were introduced to the iPad app Declaration. We spent just a few minutes analyzing portions of the document which enumerated the Colonists’ grievances against the Crown which we have already discussed in class.

Students then worked on part 4 of the Create a Character Project, which requires students to explore their character’s response to 2 of the 6 events we explored the previous day.  Students were encouraged to make references to media from the time period (primary sources) which may have influenced opinions. Students used iPads to do this research and began drafting. HOMEWORK: Finish draft of part 4.


Students were introduced to the types of government that existed in the colonies. Students were then introduced to web/spoke-diagram/semantic map style of note-taking. We did a class demonstration on the note-taking method.Here is a digitized version of the notes we created on the elmo as we read the Wikipedia Article on Yankee Doodle, a Revolutionary War Song. SSWebNotes Yankee Doodle (1) Using a text on Colonial Government 01 Government in the Colonies, students then worked in pairs to practice the method with the text. Then students did research on the government of their character’s colony.

Homework: Finish Web style Notes from the reading, including the questions (posted above)


Students further explored the structure of Colonial and Royal Government, then worked on the next phase of the project: part 5, incorporating and furthering their research into their colony’s government.

Homework: Finish part 5 draft of the Create a Character Project. The questions in the above reading essentially walk you through this.



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