Soc Studies Week 9: 10/29-1/1

Rotations schedule this week:

Tues (1st & 2nd) Weds. (3rd & 4th) Thur. (1st & 2nd) Fri (3rd & 4th)


Student Colonial Topics Skits from last week are posted to the following link for students to access: tinyurl.com/Colonialvids

Tues/Weds. – Topic: French & Indian War

Students took the quiz on the Kahn Academy video hmwk (see week 8 Friday hwk for handout). We discussed the quiz questions by examining maps of N. America before and after the French & Indian War. Students shaded maps of N. America to indicate the land gained by the Brits from the French resulting from victory in the war. They also labelled key sites such as Pittsburgh, the Appalachian mtns., Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Quebec, the Ohio River Valley. These maps are not in a format that can be posted here, but students can simply Google image maps for this purpose.

James then performed a song with banjo accompaniment called the Death of General Wolfe. We discussed the lyrics as a primary source. General Wolfe was a Brit. general killed at the battle of Quebec.General Wolfe Song French & Indian

Student tables were then assigned a role in the war, either French, Brits, Indians, or Colonists; they were given a short passage describing their perspective on the war and land disputes in N. America. They read, discussed, then formulated a statement in first person from the perspective of their role, which they delivered to the class. James asked followup questions. The goal was for students to understand various perspectives in the conflict.4 Roles in French & Indian War

Finally, James demonstrated the Cornell Notes method for a second time using a short text describing the Effects of the French & INdian War.

HOMEWORK (Due Thurs/Fri): Finish the Cornell Notes on the French & INdian Text, include a summary at the bottom this time French & Indian Effects Reading

Thurs/Fri. Topic: Events Precipitating the American Revolution

Students will be introduced to the Create a Character Project. This is a multi-phased project whereby each student will develop a character who lived in the colonies at the time of the Revolution. We will work through the various phases of this project over the next couple of weeks both in class and as homework. On Thur/Fri students will get an overview of the project 02 Creating a Character I (1)06 Rubric & Checklist (1), and will begin an activity that leads them through key events leading to the revolution and which determines whether their character will be a loyalist or patriot.01 Character Sheet – NEW (1)

After determining the position of their character, students will begin research into the first steps of Creating a character: Developing a background for their character. HOMEWORK: Finish the 1st 3 steps started in class – family and background info on your character.



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