Soc. Studies Week 8: 10/21-10-25

Students will edit, continue to draft, and add blocking and stage notes to their Eyewitness Scripts (see weeks 6 & 7 for more details. The formal handout describing the activity and containing the mark descriptors is in week 6).

They will conduct dry read throughs to see if their skit is approaching the approximate 5 min. recommended length, and make adjustments where necessary. They will devise and create some basic props. They will create aides to help with cues. They will rehearse. On Friday, all the skits will be performed and recorded for curriculum celebration.

Homework Mon/Tue: same as last week, spend 20 min. advancing the cause of your skit in whatever way necessary. Coordinate your specific tasks with your team in class M/T.  I will look for evidence of your completion of this in order to assign credit.

Homework Wed/Thur: Practice your lines to ensure a smooth, in-character performance that doesn’t look like you are reading. Make any last minute aides or props.


Homework Friday (due Tuesday): See attached document Students will be watching a short video lecture (about 8 min.). Sorry if you don’t like lectures, but it succinctly and efficiently connects the dots between the colonial period and the revolutionary, which is exactly what we need to do right now. The document has the link and tells you specifically what you should know. Expect a small quiz based on this at the beginning of your next class period (Tuesday or Wednesday, or whatever the next class is).HW Revolution Intro Kahn Acad

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