Soc Studies Wk 7: 10/14-10/18

Another truncated week due to MEAP testing. Social studies classes meet for one 90 minute and one 45 minute session only.


90 Minute Session:

Students warmed up with and discussed the qualities of a good dramatization.

Students then formed groups for the new Eyewitness to History Mini-Dramas and began reading their sources, discussing and brainstorming ideas for the skit, and drafting script. The handout for this assignment can be found under the week 6 entry on the website. HOMEWORK: spend 20 minutes working on your script on a shared Google Drive document. This needs to be shared with James by the start of Friday’s  class as he will use the revision history feature to check that each member indeed contributed to the script = completed the HW.

45 min. Session:

Students continued to draft script. Groups who have completed the draft begin to add blocking and choreography notes to the script, and brainstorm prop ideas.  HOMEWORK: On Drive Doc, spend 20 min. moving your mini-drama forward (finalize script, add blocking and choreography notes, devise props, edit, practice lines, etc.)


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