Soc. Studies Wk. 6: 10/7-10/11

Due to MEAP testing, class only meets once this week: 1st and 2nd Hour on Monday, 3rd and 4th hour on Friday. Students were introduced to a forthcoming project/activity which will involve them developing and performing a skit. It is the culminating activity/project of our 1st mini-unit reviewing (from the grade 5 standards) topics pre-Colonial America: Native Peoples, Colonies and Conquest, and Slavery. This is the formal write-up: EyewitnesstoHistoryMini-Dramas For homework, students are to browse the Colonial Sources on the site (the link and specifics are on the document) and  choose the 3 they are most interested in creating a skit for. They should spend about 20 minutes browsing and should show up to class with three titles written down (notebook is fine). Most of the rest of class was spent on the Slavery Cards activity, which was discussed in the week 5 post. Students spent time with their classmates sorting through the cards, attempting to match myths with facts. They were encouraged to come up with a problem-solving strategy, which we discussed later, and to voice their opinions about the various cards as to why they believed the statements myths or facts. The goal was not to memorize facts about slavery so much as to prompt discussions about slavery and students practicing supporting their claims with sound reasoning.

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