Soc. Studies week 5: 9/30-10/4

This week students continued analyzing documents from the colonial period. With partners, they explored their chosen primary source text (either from New England, Virginia, or the mid-Atlantic Colonies) by discussing and addressing a series of guiding questions, posted here: Colonies Docs Discussion Questions. Students took detailed notes on the discussions. They will use these notes to help them as they participate in our round-table discussion on Weds/Thurs. Mon/Tues homework is to review these notes in preparation for the discussion. The formal document detailing this larger activity is posted in the Week 4 post to this site, as is the map students use and the OPVL description handout.


Weds/Thurs. – -after the discussion (see above), students will read some brief secondary sources about the colonies and compare them to what they learned from reading the primary sources. Colonies Secondary Source Readings I will show them a note-taking strategy called Cornell Notes – a two-column note system – to use while they read. The Weds./Thurs Homework will be to read two of the sources and take Cornell Notes (Due: Fri.)


They will then start an activity on slavery. This activity involves matching myths and facts about slavery, and conducting research to verify assumptions about the nature of the institution of slavery. The cards will be printed for students. The cards are here  Slavery Myths & Facts, although please note that in this pdf format each card takes up an entire page and so there are 60+ pages! Research on the activity will be recorded here: SlaveryMythsandFactsMatchingActivity. Students: Please note that the cards represent a secondary source. I believe I accidentally left off the source of the cards (oops!). They are taken from the Gilder-Lehrman Institute Web Resources, although students are not permitted to search for this until I give them permission, to avoid them simply finding the answers and not thinking through the problem-solving activity (matching the cards).


FRIDAY – CONTINUE Myth Fact activity


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