Language Arts 9/30-10/1

We started class today with word study.  If you were absent today, get the words from one of your table mates.

Next, we read the vignette “Four Skinny Trees” and practiced personifying something in writing.

Then, I went over the rubric for the vignette assignment, but it needs revision, so check back later this week.

Finally, there was time to work on typing up vignettes.  I had the lab reserved for class today.

Read to page 91 by Wednesday/ Thursday
Moodle (week 3) questions due Monday/ Tuesday
Type and share 3 vignettes (on the same document) on google drive by Wednesday/ Thursday
(share them with escott@hc.wash.k12.mi.us)

PS:  I shared student logins with Class Dojo.  If you are interested in creating an account, see me.

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