Week 4: 9/23-9/27

On Monday and Tuesday students discussed European perceptions of the Native Americans. We discussed the use of the terms New World and Old World, the European view of natives as ugly, wild, and simple, and how our recent analysis of the Iroquois Constitution refutes such claims. We also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using primary sources (such as the Iroquois Constitution vs. a textbook). This discussion was stimulated by a short, 2-minute video from the Gilder-Lehrman Institute.

We also reviewed various terms used currently and throughout time to refer to the original inhabitants of the Americas. Homework was to review the notes we generated on the board during these discussions in preparation for a possible quiz on Weds/Thurs.

The second half of class was spent finishing our Iroquois posters (see last weeks attachments). Students were encouraged to revisit the rubric on the assignment before concluding they were finished.

On Wednesday and Thursday, students  spent 3o minutes doing a poster mingle, in which they got to view/read/discuss the posters made by their classmates. In their notebooks, students recorded evidence of the complexity of Iroquois Society. Students then took a brief quiz.

Students were then introduced to OPVL – a specific protocol for approaching document analysis. We did a class demonstration using OVPL to analyze a short text on the first Thanksgiving. OPVL modified

We then discussed the upcoming class activity which has students apply OPVL to analysis of early colonial sources in preparation for a round table discussion. Details are hereEarlyColoniesDocumentsAnalysisActivity

This activity will be both in class and include some homework. The weekend home work will be to complete step one. Friday is no class due to a field trip, so we will complete step 2 – the map East Coast blank map on Monday, followed by step 3 – the discussion. Student participation in the discussion will be tracked using a sociogram and students will be graded on participation. They should come to class on Monday prepared for this by really focusing on step one and their assigned text. The source texts are listed in the handout and can be found online, though they are not linked here.

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