Week 3: 9/16-9/20

This week we started in our permanent academic rotation groups. We spent the first part of class learning and practicing the routines for starting class. This included how to write the daily warm-up, and students wrote their 1st 3 warm-ups this week.

We then reviewed the cumulative results of the Google Form pre-assessment that students took the previous week.

We then discussed the previous box of clues activity. Students received back their paragraph reflections with written comments, and I discussed what distinguished the very good writing from the not so good.

Finally, we started a mini-project/activity on the Iroquois. Students were assigned a partner or two and chose a section of the Iroquois Constitution to analyze as their source of information on a specific aspect of the Iroquois. The rest of the week was spent using their conclusions from the text analysis to produce mini-posters that will become part of a larger class display on the Iroquois. The assignment is here: IroquoisConstitutionHandout (1)  and the Full text of the Iroquois Constitution can be found online. Wednesday-Friday we had a sub because I was on Paternity leave. The homework for Weds./Thurs. is step two of the above document.

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