Language Arts 9/18-19

Today we started class with a journal entry, reflecting on our neighborhoods or streets, how they might compare with Esperanza’s, and how she might feel about our situation, or conversely, how we might feel about hers.

Then, we took a closer look at the word “inherit,” what it means in different contexts in the book, and some things (not tangible, or even genetic) that you may have inherited from friends or family members.

Next, we talked about similes, metaphors and personification, and found places where similes,  metaphors and personification were used in the book.

Finally, we spent some time writing practice vignettes.  Topics could have included a vignette about your house or part of your house (The House on Mango Street), a family characteristic (Hairs) or something in your neighborhood (Cathy Queen of Cats).

Read through page 38 for Monday/ Tuesday
Finish Moodle questions for Monday/ Tuesday

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