Language Arts 9/16-17

Welcome back from camp, everyone!

We started class with word study today.  If you were absent, make sure you write down the following words, their definitions, use them in a sentence, and give a synonym.  You can keep this in your word study folder at school.  The words are baptize, cumulus, inherit, nimbus, pleated, and sassy.

Next, students wrote a journal entry about how where they have been growing up has helped to make them in to who they are, or who they are becoming.

Then, we passed out books, and the first vignette “The House on Mango Street” was read aloud.  Then, I had students log on to moodle for the first time this year, and I showed them the link to this week’s comprehension questions.  All of the moodle logins should still work from last year.  If you’re in 6th grade or you’re new, check in with me to get your login.

Finally, we finished off class by doing some reflective writing about Tamarack.  This was saved on google drive and will be used in a technology project next week.

Read to page 18 by Wednesday/ Thursday
Start on moodle questions (due Monday)

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