6/3 Audio File for NRA Project

Once you have checked your blurb (summary) with me and/or your editor, then you are ready to create an audio file. Here’s how:
In Garageband, select “New Project” and then the Voice icon.
Save it as your name and then a brief description of your part in the film. For example, Joe Griffith – Marketing to Women.
Plug in a microphone and record your blurb by clicking on the red record button at the bottom. NOTE: All recordings should be done in the male basic voice (it sounds better).
Once you’re done recording, listen to it. Make sure it sounds good.

If it does, then you can share it with your editor.
Go to the Share tab at the top and choose “Export Song to Disk.”
DO NOT COMPRESS IT. Export it as CD quality.
Once you have done that, you can find the recorded clip in Finder by going to HOME → MUSIC → GARAGEBAND. It should have the suffix aif.
Once you’ve found it, attach it to an email and send it to your editor.

senator profile folks: you are only recording your senator’s name, home state and NRA rating
Makeda: now is your time to fact check everything; hopefully, you did some over the weekend; we’ll have to do everything all over again if the facts are wrong. Tell people to cite sources if they’re not cited within the Google Drive documents.
Dashiell and Ella: you’re getting really busy now, too, since lots of sites are flooding in; divide responsibilities and communicate with each other


This is due to your editor by Friday, though he/she would appreciate it as soon as possible.

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