5/29 Photos for the Film

You are to find 2-4 photos that relate to your fact(s). For example, if you were doing a piece on guns and how they’re being marketed towards children, then you might want to find an NRA event that was geared towards kids. Generic, unrelated photos – like a picture of a bunch of kids and then a gun – are not as powerful as real photos that relate to your topic.
We have to be careful here, however, because we have to find photos from the public domain so as not to infringe on any copyright issues. The safest way to go about this is to use the following site: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Public_domain_image_resources
All of the links under the General Collections title are public domain.

IF YOU CANNOT FIND GOOD IMAGES ON THIS SITE AND FOUND SOME ON ANOTHER SITE, then you will have to ask permission from the author. This means finding the contact page (email address) and drafting an email. I’ll send it along.

These images and your blurb should be shared with one of the creativity experts: Avi, Astrid, Clarisse or Laura. See the spreadsheet for the expert for you!

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